I ordered a taxi. I came out a few minutes late and the driver had already left. Are drivers not supposed to wait for their customers?

It depends. When a taxi is reserved without passengers on board, the law allows the driver to leave if it is not possible to park, or if the customer has not paid the amount shown on the meter plus a deposit to cover an hour of waiting time.
On the other hand, it is too common for customers who booked a taxi to change their mind without informing the reservation platform or the driver, or to take the first taxi they find in the street instead of waiting for the one that was allocated to them.
This is called a “non-charge” this is why we kindly advise you to be present 5 minutes at the latest after your scheduled pickup time.

I asked the driver to take a specific route and he answered that he “knew his job”. I am the one paying for his service, am I not allowed to choose the route I want to use?

You are perfectly right, drivers are required to take passengers to their destination using the most direct and fastest route, unless their passengers request them to take another one. In case the driver must comply with their passengers wishes.

What do the neon letters A B C D on the vehicles’ roofs mean?

They indicate the various legal rates applicable depending on the time of day. These letters can also be found on the meter’s top right, which allows customers to check that the proper fares are applied. It is also mandatory that all the valid official rates are displayed in the car in full view of the passengers.

A driver charged a supplement for my suitcase. Is it normal?

Yes, if it was the 4th piece of luggage and could not be placed inside the car. In this case the applicable fare is 2€ per piece of luggage.

Why do taxis always arrive showing a random amount on the meter when I booked them via the reservation platform?

When you call the reservation platform, the operator searches for the nearest available taxi to your pickup address, if there is none available the search is extended to a greater area until a driver accepts the request. Drivers must turn on their meter when they are assigned a ride. Therefore, the amount displayed on the meter may vary as it reflects the distance travelled from the ride allocation to your pickup location. However, fixed fare rides (airport transfers) have no approach fare but a reservation fee (3€)

A driver refused us to board because we are 4 people, is this legal?

No, taxi drivers must accept to transport passengers if their number does not exceed the number of passengers allowed on the vehicle registration document, unless some of the seats have been removed. However, there will be a supplement of 3€ per person from the 5th passenger onward (rates as of 06/02/2023)

I hailed a taxi in the street the meter was already showing 2.45€, is it normal?

Yes, this is the boarding fee. As soon as you board in the car the driver starts the meter to signal that he is no longer available. From this moment the statutory amount (2.45€) automatically shows on the meter. (Rates as of 06/02/2023)

Can a driver refuse the ride after I told him my destination address because he considered that the distance was too short?

No, taxi drivers are not allowed to refuse passengers a ride, no matter what their destination is. However, the minimum fare for a taxi ride is 7€. (Rates as of 14/01/2018)